The Helping Hand Way

Our values in action.

Because our values shape how we show up for our residents, clients, the community and each other.

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How do we support you in delivering the best service to our residents, clients and their families? We believe it’s through upholding our values and asking all of our people to do the same. You’ll find the way we do this is through our program, the Helping Hand Way.

Our values

When you join us, you become an essential part of the Helping Hand Way. That means you’ll connect with a team of people who are all caring and ever-striving. A team that offers real support, dedication and persistence, day after day.

Because, come rain or shine, our people live our values. And it shows in everything we do. Our values are:

  • Compassion – we believe in demonstrating our concern for others and doing everything we can to help.
  • Respect – we believe that everyone has the right to have their feelings, wishes and rights recognised and honoured.
  • Excellence – we believe in providing the highest standard that goes above and beyond everything we do.
  • Community – we believe in creating relationships that foster a better connection with our clients, our teams, each other and our community.

The Helping Hand Way is how we translate our values into day-to-day life. What does that mean for you? It means opportunities to connect, learn, grow and share. Find out more by reading about a few of our initiatives below that help us honour the Helping Hand Way.

Connecting over coffee

If you join our Home Care Services Team, you can take advantage of our ‘Cafe Connect’ program. The nature of working in Home Care means you’re often on the go and working independently, so we support our people to regularly connect via a coffee catch-up. It’s all about team well-being and connection.

If you work in one of our Residential Care Homes, you’ll have a similar opportunity to connect through our ‘Team 10s’ program. Each ‘Team 10’ is designed to allow you to catch up with your teammates in a daily ten-minute huddle. It’s also a chance to grab a cuppa and share stories, advice and a laugh or two!

Mentoring and mentees

When you join Helping Hand, you’ll tap into the amazing depth of knowledge and experience of so many of our staff. Got questions in your day-to-day? There’s always someone in our team to guide you. However, you can also take advantage of a more formal process via our Team Mentor Program. Each mentor is nominated by their peers, and we’re proud to consider them dedicated ambassadors for The Helping Hand Way.

Paying it forward

Do you value learning from others and sharing your wisdom, experience and knowledge? At Helping Hand we certainly do, and that’s why we’ve initiated a ‘Pay It Forward’ approach. To provide the best care to clients, we must support each other to do a good job and recognise each other when we do a great job! Paying It Forward involves sharing compliments, praise and wins through a mobile app. It also involves finding solutions together, providing feedback and guiding others when they need it. Because together, we’re here to help people in the best way we can. And we do it because we know it matters.

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