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The Helping Hand Way delivers a clear message about who we are, what we believe is important, and our promise to our clients, staff and our broader community.

The Helping Hand Way program translates our values and service ethos into our day to day service delivery. It reminds us of the part they play in our everyday life, and what we do and how we do it. We believe in keeping our promise.

The Helping Hand Way program creates a great workplace to support you to deliver the best service to our customers.


Team 10s and Café Connect

Building teams and working together for the customer

The Café Connect program in our home care services division has a focus on team wellbeing and connection by supporting groups of team members to regularly connect together over a coffee.

Team 10s in our residential care homes create the opportunity for teams to connect, communicate, and focus on customer service. These are 10 minute huddles across all shifts and all days of the week. They involve care staff, hotel services, lifestyle, administration, volunteers, agency – everyone. Because everyone in the team is supporting good customer service.

Café Connect and Team 10s are facilitated by our valued Team Mentors.


Team Mentors

Recognising our role models

The Helping Hand Way Team Mentor Badge

We recognise the amazing knowledge and experience that exists in our teams and the benefit of this to other team members – and ultimately to our customers.

The Team Mentor program is a way to give our role models and leaders the recognition they deserve. Peer nominated, they are our ambassadors for The Helping Hand Way.


Five Golden Standards

It is important to us that you understand that this is how we deliver great service. Each of our Golden Standards is critical to how our customers experience our service. Great teams know that good customer service matters!

  1. We always offer choice to our customer – we ask, listen, provide options and strive to meet their needs.
  2. We engage with our customer – we are welcoming, approachable, genuine and we listen.
  3. We speak to our customer clearly, politely and respectfully.
  4. We deliver on our promises – professionally, on time and with compassion and care.
  5. We make their day! – We focus on bringing joy and happiness to our customer.


Pay it Forward

Sharing our knowledge and wisdom in the workplace

We think it’s important to learn from each other and share our wisdom, experience and knowledge – to improve our customers experience.

Pay it Forward is about supporting out team to do a good job, find solutions together, and support and guide others when needed. And recognising others when they do a great job!

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