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Student Opportunities

I am studying and interested in working in aged care when I graduate. How can Helping Hand assist me?

The aged care sector is Australia’s largest growing industry and is full of opportunity.

We assist students from university, vocational education providers and high school to gain experience in aged care. Students get involved in the following:

  • Clinical placements
  • Experiences outside the field of study
  • Running clinics
  • Work experience
  • Project work
  • Research projects
  • Presentations

University Students

Students can apply via their university for a placement at Helping Hand. If you have questions about an upcoming placement, email the Student Participation Team.

Vocational Education Students

Due to restrictions over the past few months with COVID-19, we had to suspend a lot of our student placement opportunities across the organisation. This means that we currently have a very large pool of people who have applied, and are waiting to do a vocational placement with us. From 3 August 2020, anyone who applies to do a vocational placement with us will go onto a waiting list, and their application will not be processed until mid-October 2020. Thank you very much for your patience, and we look forward to further discussions with you in due course.

We assist students with placements to complete their Diploma or Certificate II, III or IV in aged care. Complete our online application form.

High School Students

High school students can do work experience with Helping Hand. Complete our online application form.


Student Privacy Statement

When you apply for a student placement or work experience, we collect your personal information. Download our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy to read what information we collect and how we use it.