Student Opportunities at Helping Hand – find out how we can assist

If you are studying and interested in working in aged care when you graduate, take advantage of the student opportunities at Helping Hand

The aged care sector is Australia’s largest growing industry and is full of student opportunities.

We assist students from selected university and vocational education providers to gain experience in aged care. Students get involved in the following:

  • Clinical placements
  • Experiences outside the field of study
  • Running clinics
  • Work experience
  • Project work
  • Research projects
  • Presentations

Student placements

Every year we offer a number of student placements through Flinders University, UniSA, University of Adelaide, TAFESA – as well as other selected providers. In addition, we support staff who are studying and looking for a placement, for example, a Care Worker, looking for a Nursing placement. Helping Hand does not accept direct requests from students for a placement, they can apply via their university for a placement at Helping Hand.

Registered Nurse Graduate Program

Helping Hand offers a two-year training program that supports the professional development of newly Registered Nurses in the aged care sector. Only a limited number of places are offered and graduates take part in ACCPA (Aged & Community Care Providers Association) education sessions, complemented by training and education from Helping Hand’s own mentors and Clinical Educators. To register your interest for the early 2024 intake please click here to email the Student Participation team.

From placement to employment

If you are the right candidate and have successfully completed a student placement with us, we can fast track the application process so you can skip the job interview
and reference checks and start your career with Helping Hand. It’s called the Student to Employment pathway and it applies to ALL placements, including Care Workers, Hotel Services, Lifestyle teams, Nursing and Allied Health roles.



Student Privacy Statement

When you apply for a student placement or work experience, we collect your personal information. Download our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy to read what information we collect and how we use it.

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