Tovertafel – bringing joy to residents at Helping Hand


Now more of our residents can see the Tovertafel in action

Helping Hand first learned about Tovertafel in 2019, when the Ingle Farm Auxiliary, a dedicated volunteer fundraising group, raised $15,000 to purchase one for residents in our specialist dementia care Memory Support Unit. Seeing the response and joy it brought to people we were inspired to embark on a fundraising campaign to purchase a Tovertafel for each of our nine residential care homes, specifically for residents living with dementia.

This meant raising $120,000 and we’re thrilled to announce that we got there thanks to the generous support of donors, our dedicated fundraising groups, and the community around every one of our care homes.

We’re the only organisation in Australia to have a Tovertafel in every home and they’ve already become an important part of our lifestyle program and day-to-day life.

The last few years changed our lives in ways we could never have imagined. From ‘windows of love’ to video-conference calls, we have all learned new ways and new technologies to help us stay in touch and connected, with people living in residential care.

Based on scientific research, Tovertafel is an interactive ‘projector’ that uses light, colour, and music to stimulate, physical, social, and cognitive activity. You don’t need to understand the technology to engage with it – it’s completely intuitive and can be shared with families and friends. Watch it in action and discover why we wanted them in all our care homes. If you get the chance, check one out. They’re truly fun for everyone.



Thanks again to all the generous donations that made this fundraising project possible. You can still support Helping Hand with other fundraising initiatives by donating today.



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