21 March 2024

70 Years Together

In 2023, Helping Hand celebrates 70 years of service in South Australia

Since 1953, when we were established as a not for profit, Helping Hand has offered help and support to older South Australians. It’s hard to believe 70 years together all began with the passion and purpose of one man, and a single building in North Adelaide.

From humble beginnings, Padre Arthur Strange had a powerful vision to care for others. At a time when counselling and aged care services were non-existent or in their infancy, Strange’s outlook was progressive.

In 1953, his vision for helping older people came together when he spotted a For Sale sign on Molesworth Street North Adelaide. The Trustee gave him 12 hours to pay a deposit of £750 and secure the property. Only able to find £500, he called a church family conference and together they made up the rest to purchase the first building to be used for aged care services in North Adelaide.