Jean – a resident at Helping Hand Ingle Farm Care Home


Jean smiles at the camera

Jean grew up in Mount Morgan, QLD, with her twin sister Joan and 8 other siblings. She was born just after WWI and her parents often went without to ensure their 10 children had enough to eat. Jean was very close to her father and remembers sitting on his lap and singing to him. When looking at a photo of herself in the army at the age of21, she says “I look like Dad, wonderful memories. I know now Mum and Dad went without to look after us”.

During WWII, Jean became a Sergeant in the Army working in the Communications Unit. Her role was to interpret Morse Code signals coming in from America and England and to report this to Australian officials.

Jean is 96 and lives at Helping Hand. She is a passionate reader and can generally be found reading in a lounge that overlooks the gardens. She has a very active mind and attributes this to reading at least one book a day, her favourites being anything by Clive Cussler and James Patterson.

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