Help at Home Costs and Fees with Helping Hand - Call 1300 444 663

Help at Home Costs

There are a few different ways that help at home costs and fees are calculated, depending on what services you have. Call us on 1300 444 663 to discuss your options.


Commonwealth Home Support Program

The cost depends on the support received. The Government subsidises part of the cost, so clients only pay a small, affordable amount if they can afford to.

Home Care Packages

Helping Hand staff will ask you about your income to work out the amount you will need to pay for your Home Care Package.

Basic Daily Fee

Helping Hand does not charge a Basic Daily Fee to clients. If you require more services than are available in your Home Care Package, you can talk about options (which may include paying a fee to access more services) with your Coordinator.

Income Tested Care Fee

If you have additional income, you may be asked to pay an extra amount on top of the basic daily fee. Centrelink will work out the fee based on your financial situation. Your home is not included.

Elevate by Helping Hand

All services provided under a Home Care Package can be paid for privately through the Elevate by Helping Hand program. Elevate can be used to top-up your package, or to access services if you do not have approval for a package.


The Australian Government has provided a fee estimator to help you work out the fees you may need to pay for help at home costs.

Call our Help at Home Team on 1300 444 663 for more information.