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I am a carer for my partner and I need a break.

We think carers are amazing and deserve time off every now and then to rest and recharge. Our respite options give carers the opportunity to get to appointments, go on a social outing or go on a holiday.

Helping Hand provides a number of options.

Community Respite

We can provide respite in the home and in the community.

In your home

We offer respite in your home, meeting individual health and care needs in a comfortable, familiar place.

In the community

Day groups are available in metropolitan Adelaide in a community setting. Depending on the person’s interests, we can also arrange outings – this may include a trip to the beach, going out for coffee or a drive through the hills.

Carer support

Caring for someone is rewarding, but can also be challenging. Our social work team can provide a supportive space to share stories and ask questions. We cover a range of topics to support carers, including the value of carers, the benefits and challenges, the changes in caring, celebrating relationships, taking care of yourself and more.


Residential Respite

Residential respite is available at all of our eleven Helping Hand aged care homes. With stays starting at two weeks, carers have the time to take a well earned break and can even go on a holiday.

Guests have their own rooms with private ensuite and have access to the facilities and activities of the home during their stay.

How much does it cost?

Click here to find more information about the cost of residential respite on the My Aged Care website.


How do I arrange access?

Respite in your home, an aged care home, or in the community needs ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) approval.

  1. Contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 and advise that you are wanting respite for yourself or your family member
  2. Staff from My Aged Care will arrange to speak with you. Let them know you want a referral for Residential Respite, and/or Community Respite.
  3. Call Helping Hand on 1300 653 600 to ask any questions and to start access.


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