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Exercise Groups

I am worried about my balance. I want to stay fit, strong and healthy.

We can help build strength and fitness, enabling clients to maintain an active, independent lifestyle, through exercise groups and fitness programs.

Every person’s fitness goals are as unique as the way they like their coffee. Our qualified staff work with each person to create individual health goals. Clients may want to work on being able to walk to the bus stop, preventing falls, improving balance or core strength. Whatever the goal, we have a exercise groups or programs to suit.

Age Well Fitness

Age Well Fitness is a group class for older adults that helps maintain and improve physical health, social connections, and overall wellbeing. Our one hour classes are held in a group setting, with an individually tailored exercise plan for each participant that focuses on boosting energy, strength, flexibility and balance, ensuring all participants get the most out of the class. Age Well Fitness is delivered under the supervision of a qualified exercise physiologist.


Hydrotherapy is perfect for people who want to increase the speed of recovery after orthopaedic surgery, to assist with back pain and arthritis, or to increase strength, balance and overall wellbeing, without placing extra strain on their joints. Our one hour group sessions are delivered in a therapeutically heated pool, under the direct supervision of a qualified physiotherapist, who provides exercise programs tailored to suit individual needs.

Dance for Balance

Dancing is a great way to improve fitness and mobility, and increase balance and coordination. Our Bachata Latin dance class is fun, low impact, and perfect for beginners. You can learn on your own or with a partner. Our one hour classes are delivered by a qualified physiotherapist and dance enthusiast, and is specifically designed with older adults in mind.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an evidence-based therapy that integrates body and mind. The graceful movements, deep breathing and relaxation techniques are designed to enhance balance flexibility, strength, and mental wellbeing. Our fun and gentle Tai Chi classes go for one hour, and are run by a qualified Tai Chi instructor. Our Tai Chi classes are suitable for all fitness levels.

Strength and Balance

Strength and Balance classes are designed to challenge a person’s overall strength and balance, in a fun and friendly group setting. Perfect for those wanting to feel steadier on their feet or make daily tasks, like getting out of a chair, feel a little easier. These one hour classes are lead by a qualified physiotherapist and are perfect for all fitness levels.


How do I join a class?

Call our friendly staff on 1300 444 663 for more information on costs and how to join.

To find out more about class times, please click on the timetable below.