Exercise Groups and Programs to Help Maintain Fitness – Helping Hand

Exercise Groups

I am worried about my balance. I want to stay fit, strong and healthy.

We can help build strength and fitness, enabling clients to maintain an active, independent lifestyle, through exercise groups and fitness programs.

Every person’s fitness goals are as unique as the way they like their coffee. Our qualified staff work with each person to create individual health goals. Clients may want to work on being able to walk to the bus stop, preventing falls, improving balance or core strength. Whatever the goal, we have a exercise groups or programs to suit.

Age Well Fitness

This exercise class is for those who want to start exercise for the first time, are returning to exercise or who need support after an illness or injury. This is a group class (so expect a fun, social atmosphere!) but each person has their own exercise program, created by their Exercise Physiologist after an initial assessment.


Using water resistance, hydrotherapy is great for recovery and building strength without putting pressure on your joints. Sessions are run by a Physiotherapist at the Parafield Gardens Swim School – click here for more information and class times.

Dance for Balance

Come join our fun, easy, low impact Bachata dance classes! Perfect for beginners – learn on your own or with a partner. Improve your balance and improve your mobility and coordination. Dance syllabus designed by our qualified physiotherapist and Latin dance enthusiast, Thien, for those aged over 60. Click here for more information.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi has slow and gentle movements, and is often described as meditation in motion. By joining in, you will improve your balance, flexibility and muscle strength. Classes are run by our qualified Tai Chi instructors, and are designed for those aged over 60. Click here for more information.

Falls and Balance

Build muscle strength, balance, flexibility and coordination in this group class, monitored by health professionals.

Group Exercise Classes

Our Exercise group is an ideal way to gently maintain or gain strength, flexibility and balance. The exercises are similar to our Balance and Strength class.

How do I join a class?

Call our friendly staff on 1300 444 663 for more information on costs and how to join.

For more information on which class is right for you, have a look at the table below.


Need more information? Read our useful fact sheets below.