Jory – Helping Hand


Jory has been working for Helping Hand for just over a year. He is a My Home Life Practice Consultant and part of our People and Culture Team. My Home Life is an international initiative promoting quality of life and positive change for older people. Jory facilitates the training of the My Home Life program and shows staff how they can use these concepts in everyday life.

Jory, People and Culture team

Jory is also a registered nurse and has worked in aged care for nine years. He likes working in aged care because of the relationships that you get to build with residents and clients: ‘My grandparents lived interstate so I didn’t get to see them too much, so working in aged care kind of made it feel like I had 20 grandparents that I would see all the time. It filled something for me that was missing.’

Jory is passionate about helping people: ‘If I can help anyone, I will do it. I get a lot of satisfaction from helping people. I am also passionate about finding the positives in life, to pause and take a moment to see the silver lining in every situation.’

Jory likes working for Helping Hand because there are so many opportunities within in the organisation: ‘There are so many ways that you can help others, it’s so diverse and there are so many truly kind people that work for Helping Hand.’

In his spare time Jory likes to listen to all types of music, play a bit of recreational guitar and indulge in some cheese, wine or coffee.

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