Open with Care during COVID-19 – Helping Hand

Open with Care during COVID-19

We are pleased that we have reached the stage at most homes where we can cautiously, and carefully, welcome visitors back, under our Open with Care program.

Open with Care is designed around principles of responsibility, maintaining wellbeing, safely balancing risks of harm, equitable access for all residents, individualised approach, equality/choice, flexibility, and respect for human rights. You can read more about our Open with Care guidelines on our COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions page.

As the rate of infections and close contacts has reduced significantly throughout our homes, we are moving to providing status updates twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. We will continue to keep our main COVID-19 webpage updated with information and news as needed, and of course we will always directly keep in contact with our clients, residents and families if the situation changes at any of our homes or in our home care services.

Thank you again for your understanding over the past couple of months. We know that it has been incredibly difficult for you to be separated from your loved ones, or isolated at home. We will do everything we can to maintain care home visits and home care services while working within the protocols advised to us by health authorities, which we note, can change with limited notice, especially in the event of an outbreak.

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