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People of Helping Hand: Chanie

Chanie is a Customer Engagement Officer in our Admissions and Customer Service team.

Working in aged care had been on Chanie’s ‘wish list’ for a few years and when she saw the position advertised, she thought she had nothing to lose and applied. Her role often involves being the first point of contact for people needing information about moving into residential care.

‘Everyone’s story is different. Many people I speak with are feeling really overwhelmed by the whole process. Along with answering their questions, I find breaking down the process into stages is very helpful. I see my role as offering that voice of reassurance so that they can take a breath.

I have really come to appreciate the impact that even a simple interaction over the phone can have. Recently a family sent me an email thanking me for being part of their journey. I was so touched, and I’ve kept that message as a reminder that no matter how “small” you think your role is, you can make a big difference.’

Chanie enjoys being part of the Admissions team, which is based at Buxton House, North Adelaide. ‘We support each other and coming into work each day doesn’t feel like “a job” to me’, say says.

As a mum of two girls, aged nine and 12, Chanie also loves the flexibility of a part-time role which gives her that all important work-life balance.

Christmas is a special time and one that is inspired by the memories of her beloved Nanna – Nellie, who played a pivotal role in her upbringing.

‘My Nanna was such an important part of my life. We spent so much time together’, says Chanie, who wonders if this connection may have planted the seed to work in aged care decades later.

‘When I was a little girl, we would decorate Nanna’s Christmas tree together and watch an old Christmas movie or Christmas carols. Nanna would always have her favorite Pascall Eclairs for us to enjoy as we spent the rest of the evening taking turns to get up and adjust the baubles and decorations until we thought they were exactly right.’

A few years ago, Chanie was putting up the tree with her girls and they asked her “Mum why are you so fussy with the Christmas tree?” This made Chanie laugh and think of the times she would decorate the Christmas tree with her Nanna. Now Chanie’s girls are older, she says they are just as fussy about the tree!

‘You don’t realise until later in life, the value and importance of having grandparents in your life and how those special times become fond memories’ says Chanie.

People of Helping Hand Chanie
Photo: Chanie on her wedding day, with Steven and Nellie.

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