22 September 2023

People of Helping Hand: Toby and Juno

You may have seen Toby’s smiling face at the desk as you enter our North Adelaide care home.

Toby has been working as a Customer Service Officer with Helping Hand since February this year, and in April he started bringing in a very special little visitor.

‘Juno is a 19 month old black and white miniature schnauzer. I started bringing her into work back in April, and now she comes with me every Friday.’

‘As soon as we walk in the door she brightens the home with her friendly presence, she loves greeting visitors at the front desk too. Sometimes she joins the lifestyles team for activities, or she comes along with me on my mail run which gives her the opportunity to spend quality time with the residents.’

‘Juno’s presence has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on the residents at North Adelaide, they love patting her or letting her sit on their laps. For them she is not just a dog, she’s a source of joy and comfort. After a recent visit one of the residents said to me, “This has made my whole day.” Comments like this make me so happy, and Juno’s ability to make residents smile is so touching to see.’

By the end of the day you will usually find Juno asleep on the floor near Toby’s desk, so many cuddles and pats can be tiring work!