Update to vaccination requirements for visitors – Helping Hand

Update to vaccination requirements for visitors

As of 12.01am Friday 23 September 2022, visitors entering an aged care facility are no longer required:

  • To show evidence of current Influenza or COVID 19 vaccinations
  • Undertake a COVID check in procedure.

Please note that wearing of masks is still mandatory.

From Friday 23 September visitors will see that COVID-19 check in pages have been removed from our care homes.

The Government is strongly encouraging visitors to undertake RAT tests prior to entry. Helping Hand has successfully relied on RATs to keep COVID-19 out of our care homes as much as possible. We therefore require visitors to continue to RAT test prior to entry and will maintain our RAT testing stations for visitors.

We ask that visitors do not visit when unwell and if in the event they return a positive RAT, that they leave immediately.

All previous mandates related to staff, contractors and volunteers are unchanged.

In the event of a COVID-19 outbreak, we will communicate as we have always done and we will continue to utilize our control and monitoring processes. This will include bookings for visitors and a sign in procedure simply asking for visitor names, date and time of visit and who they are visiting.

For more information about the COVID-19 requirements for aged care, please visit the SA Health website.

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