COVID-19 FAQs for Family and Friends – Helping Hand

FAQs for Family and Friends

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Below are some COVID-19 FAQs we are often asked from families and friends, along with clients and residents.

We endeavour to answer the most common questions, but if your question isn’t answered below, please call us on 1300 653 600 or call one of our direct numbers, which can be found here.

In light of outbreaks interstate and local lockdowns, there are restrictions on visitors entering our homes if they have been in an exposure site.

From 1 June 2021, all visitors will need to show proof of having had the 2021 seasonal influenza vaccination (babies under six months are exempt from this requirement), and will need to ensure that social distancing and hygiene practices are followed.

We encourage you to ring and video conference as much as you like. Our homes are ready to support you when you are ready to book in a chat. Just give us a call and we can arrange a time.

Please know that our staff are doing everything to keep the tempo up here. We are playing music, and having really lovely, long conversations with our residents. We are all trying to stay positive and keep residents in good spirits. Our lifestyle staff are working hard, and we are supporting them with additional staff, so that we can keep activities and spirits high.

  • All people entering the care home to continue to practice social distancing, hand hygiene and be screened prior to visiting. If you are unwell, do not visit.
  • Visiting hours are 9am-5pm and 6pm-8pm, Monday to Friday and 9am-5pm, weekends and public holidays.
  • Visits are by appointment, there are no restrictions on the number of care and support visits allowed per resident and no limits on the number of visitors.
  • There will be 15-minute breaks between bookings to allow time to screen incoming visitors (please arrive 15 minutes before your visiting appointment to complete screening).
  • Every person entering a care home after 1 June 2021 must show evidence that they have received the 2021 seasonal flu vaccination. This is legislated by the State Government. They will be issued a verification card which they will need to keep with them for the duration of the visit (babies under 6 months of age are exempt from the vaccination requirement).
  • All staff, contractors and volunteers working in residential care homes after 17 September 2021 must show evidence that they have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccination. This is legislated by the State Government.
  • All staff and volunteers working in residential care homes in metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia are currently required to wear masks. Volunteers and visitors (aged 12 years and over) will need to wear masks and keep them on throughout their visit. Masks will be available at the screening stations. Exceptions to wearing a mask apply if:
    • wearing a mask will impact the delivery of care or someone‚Äôs safety or wellbeing
    • someone has medical condition that makes wearing a mask inappropriate i.e. breathing issues
    • the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication, i.e. hearing issues
    • you are drinking or eating.

Our Admissions Team is still taking enquiries and working with families to accommodate people needing resident permanent and respite care.

You can take pre-arranged physical tours of our homes, which can be booked by calling the reception desk at the relevant home you want to visit (see a list of our direct numbers here). You can also take a virtual tour any time by visiting the Residential Care section of our website. All physical tour participants will need to comply with the current visitor guidelines, including showing proof of a 2020 flu vaccination, following social distancing and hygiene measures, and prospective residents having current approval to move into a residential aged care home via an ACAT assessment.

Our Admissions Team will support you and work through the process with you and your loved one. We recognise it is important to help a resident settle in, and one support person will be able to come in on day of entry, provided that they meet the screening requirements regarding travel history and health and comply with safe practices (hand hygiene, social distancing) on site.

If you are a resident at the home, your allied health services will continue.

Our clients who live in the community but who visit our homes to see allied health professionals can also still access these services.

Please call the home directly before arriving (see a list of our direct numbers here) so you can arrange to leave your deliveries outside the front door. When you arrive, please use the intercom at the front door to speak with a staff member who can accept your delivery.

Yes. We will be calling our clients prior to visiting them at home, to ask them travel and health questions. This is to make sure it is safe for our staff to visit, and to make sure our clients are staying healthy as well. If clients are unwell, our staff will still visit, but will wear extra protective gear. All staff will be wearing masks while providing services to you.

When there is a lockdown, all social, therapy and respite groups will be put on hold. If this happens, we will provide alternatives where essential, and will notify regular group attendees once we have groups up and running again.

The Department of Health has provided the advice that from 1 June 2021 the flu vaccine will be mandatory for people wanting to visit an aged care facility. This is because:

  • with COVID-19 spread across Australia, it is more important than ever to receive your flu vaccination – the last thing we want to see is people infected with both influenza and COVID-19.
  • flu vaccinations will help reduce the strain on the healthcare system as it deals with COVID-19.