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Trauma Training

Working with aged care clients who experienced childhood trauma in ‘care’


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To complete this e-learning program:

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Step 2 – return to this webpage and access the Debrief Guide

Step 3 – watch the video resources on this webpage

Step 4 – reach out if you have questions

Step 5 – access support services if this content has raised any concerns for you

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Online learning

The course is an introduction to understanding the impacts of childhood trauma for people now entering aged care. It focuses on the experiences of Forgotten Australians, Stolen Generations, Former Child Migrants and people affected by forced adoption. The self-paced online trauma training course is divided into three parts. In this course, you will:

Learn about the experiences of each of these groups

(Part 1: Who are we talking about and why?)

Gain insight into how complex trauma can affect the brain

(Part 2: What is complex childhood trauma and why is it relevant for workers in aged care?)

Understand how to provide safe, respectful and quality care to those who have experienced childhood trauma

(Part 3: What does this mean for you?)

Content Warning: The following training course focusses on people who experienced harsh treatment including sexual abuse whilst in ‘care’. This content can be disturbing for some people. If you believe that watching it will be distressing, then you may choose to forgo it. Alternatively, you can speak with your Manager or your organisation’s Employment Assistance Program. 

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This course has been developed as part of the Real Care the Second Time Around project, funded by the Australian Government Department of Health through the Dementia and Aged Care Services Fund.


Debrief guide

Debrief Guide: designed for managers and supervisors to assist learners to debrief following completion of the online course; and to consolidate the learning from the online course. This guide can be used in teams and/or with individual learners. Click on the image below to download the guide.

front cover of trauma training debrief guide for supervisors and managers in aged care


Video resources

Case scenario learning videos: designed to support the online course, showing poor and better practices in aged care settings. An additional video of interviews with Forgotten Australians who have been involved with the Real Care the Second Time Around project is also available, giving insight into better practices in approaching and working with Forgotten Australians.







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