Helping Hand position statements

We believe it is important that we let clients; their families, friends and supporters; and our workforce know where Helping Hand stands on important aged care issues. We have produced Policy and Position Statements which describe what we think about an issue and why.  As always, we would love to hear your views on these issues and on our current position. If you would like to comment, please contact us on 1300 653 600 or send us an email.

Helping Hand Policies

Our policies describe how we operate in a number of key areas. They describe what we want to achieve and how we will act. Our policies offer a guide to making decisions about the services we provide and the activities we perform.

Helping Hand Frameworks

Our frameworks are designed to make sure that the way we do things in specific areas is consistent, has a high standard, and is in the best interests of our clients and staff. They are the way in which we put our policies into practice. We have fact sheets that give an overview of our frameworks – if you would like more information about our frameworks, please contact us on 1300 653 600 or by email.