Gender Equality – Helping Hand

Gender Equality

Helping Hand is committed to playing its part in achieving gender equality which is defined as “The equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities of women, men and trans and gender-diverse people. Equality does not mean that women, men and trans and gender diverse people will become the same but that their rights, responsibilities and opportunities will not depend on their gender.”

We recognize the social, economic and cultural benefits of gender equality and we understand the roles that workplaces can play to help achieve broader societal aims in this area.

Helping Hand is partnering with Our Watch to embed its evidence based workplace equality and respect processes.


Family and Domestic Violence

Family and Domestic Violence (FDV) is a serious issue. Helping Hand is committed to supporting all people experiencing Family and Domestic Violence. Our support extends to all gender identities and also recognises that for women, Family and Domestic Violence is driven by gender inequality.

We have a range of procedures and guidelines to support team members experiencing FDV. Support is available for all Helping Hand team members, including casuals. There are several options of support available:

  • Ten days of paid leave to attend matters associated with FDV, and recorded as Special Leave
  • Flexible working conditions (such as changing location or rosters)
  • Emergency support in the form of basic personal items, food vouchers, phone, and emergency accommodation up to $1000
  • Referral to expert services.

More than 60 managers across the organisation have participated in training with the Working Women’s Centre to increase their knowledge about FDV and to learn how to support staff who disclose they are experiencing FDV.