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Unspoken Truths

Unspoken Truths follows the story a family making a series of decisions about aged care.

Episode 1

A day like today

Jolanta is struggling to hang out the washing, Richard watches on and ponders how he can fix the situation without being a burden on his family.

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Episode 2

A first step

Richard and Jolanta warm to Ramona as she helps lighten the load around the house. When Richard's knee plays up, Jolanta is hesitant to accept more help to fix their ailing bodies.

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Episode 3

An unexpected event

A crisis strikes out of nowhere and leaves the family scrambling to make decisions. Alina and Martin don't see eye to eye on how to best support their parents to make decisions about the future.

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Episode 4

The following year

The family is together for a joyful Christmas day but Martin starts pushing for hard decisions to be made when he sees the progression of his Mum's dementia.

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Episode 5

Next spring

Jolanta and Richard have settled into their new lives after an emotional transition.

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Episode 6


Richard and Jolanta feel supported through the end of a cycle.

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