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Forgotten Australians Aged Care Project

Helping Hand is proud to be working on a new project with and for a population group known as ‘Forgotten Australians’.

The existence of children’s homes and orphanages in the past meant that for many children, life was shaped by often extremely harsh and abusive circumstances. State and Federal Governments have come to recognise the profound harm this caused through revelations from various Commissions of Inquiry, and formal apologies have now been made to this group of Australians – who are now referred to as the “Forgotten Australians”.

Forgotten Australians, along with Child Migrants and The Stolen Generations are now ageing. Many are facing the possibility of going into care a second time around and some may be deeply troubled by what their future may hold.

In the first project of its kind nationally, Helping Hand has joined with Relationships Australia South Australia to work with Forgotten Australians to assist the aged care sector to better understand and respond to their aged care needs.

The project aims to develop a Position Statement about how aged care services can support this group, and to share these learnings broadly across the aged care sector.

Helping Hand now has working with us a Forgotten Australians Project Officer – Diana O’Neil. Helping Hand staff, residents, clients and families – and anyone in the South Australian community – who would like to learn more, or would like to be involved in the project, are welcome to contact Diana on 8224 7875 or

We will be hosting a seminar in July that is open to Forgotten Australians and their carers who are receiving aged care services or concerned about their future aged care needs.

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