If you join us, you’ll become part of a well-established and growing organisation with so much opportunity at your fingertips. What’s more, with Helping Hand, you’ll find assistance to expand your skills and knowledge, support to pursue a broad range of roles and opportunities, and the stability to build your long-term career. Let’s hear from some of our people about the opportunities they’ve found since joining our team.

Assistance to expand your skills and knowledge

At Helping Hand, we want you to reach your potential and grow with us. That’s why wherever possible, we support our people to gain new skills and knowledge. This can include, where relevant, providing support to complete qualifications in areas like aged care, nursing, rehabilitation and even leadership. Study assistance is one benefit Safety Business Partner Lauren has taken full advantage of.

Lauren started at our Mawson Lakes Care Home as a Hotel Services Assistant. With Helping Hand’s support, she’s pursued her interest in leadership, completing a Diploma in Leadership and Development. Lauren has held several leadership roles and is currently based at our Corporate Office in Tranmere.

“Whether it’s Carers who want to be Enrolled Nurses or people like me who want to be managers, I know a lot of people who have used Helping Hand’s study assistance, and it’s been really beneficial. I didn’t have any experience in leading a team when I joined Helping Hand, but my managers were happy to help me develop my skills. There is a lot of training you can do at Helping Hand, and my manager at the time was brilliant. He taught me so much.”

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Support to pursue a broad range of roles and opportunities

At Helping Hand, our people are all caring and ever-striving. That means you’ll find opportunities to tap into incredible support networks to pursue the career path that’s right for you. Just ask Clinical Nurse Hariz.

Hariz joined us in 2015 as a Care Worker while completing his Registered Nursing qualification. Once he finished his studies, Hariz found the support he needed to move into a nursing role.

“Helping Hand has a wonderful transition program from caring to registered nursing. It was a big jump, but I had so much support from all the managers and even some of the executive team, who came down to see me and made sure I was doing okay. Having support and constructive feedback was really helpful in my whole transition to practising nursing.”

Since then, Hariz has taken charge of a busy team at one of our biggest care homes in North Adelaide. He works closely with his nursing team and knows from experience just how valuable the support is that’s available to them.

“Helping Hand has rolled out this wonderful program for graduate nurses. They get an immense amount of training and support, which is really amazing for any new graduates.”

The stability to build your long-term career

We’ve been doing this work since 1953, and we’re proud of the security we can offer our people. For Physiotherapist Thien, knowing he can build a future with us is incredibly important.
“One of the most reassuring things about working for Helping Hand is that you know you have a secure job here. It gives you a lot of confidence to work for a company where you’re not always worried about whether your job is going to disappear.”

Thien is not your typical Physio; he’s also a trained (and very passionate!) dance teacher. With us, he’s been able to combine his skills to develop his role in a unique direction: providing exercise dance classes for clients!

Thien’s career goal at Helping Hand?

“I’m looking forward to starting more dance classes at Helping Hand and teaching others to run classes, too. I think that is my calling.”

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